Jaguar E-Type Restoration BOX SET

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E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual

Over the years the E-type Jaguar has built a reputation amongst Jaguar enthusiasts and classic car collectors for being the ultimate classic to own. If you are lucky enough to own one and are planning to undertake the restoration work by yourself, this manual will take you through the full nut-and-bolt restoration of a very early example, E-Type Jaguar Chassis No 60. Restoration experts from the world's premier Jaguar restoration company, Classic Motor Cars Ltd, have written each chapter, giving you a first-hand account of the process. Topics covered include preparing a workspace and dismantling the vehicle; restoring and painting the body; engine, electrics and transmission restoration; assembly of the sub-assimblies; final assembly; trimming; road test and the first outing.


Complete DIY restoration of an E-type Jaguar. Perfect for those who carry out home servicing and repairs. Details the trials and tribulations of an inexperienced enthusiast. Simplifies and reaches the parts that the manuals dont. Gain the specific knowledge necessary to work on an E-type. Anecdotes and mishaps, both amusing and encouraging. Brutally honest, very detailed, 360 pages, over 550 photos. An expert could not have written this book. Experts start with knowledge and experience, and so inevitably make assumptions and gloss over important details. Chris Rooke had played with classic cars before but had never fully restored one, and knew nothing about E-types. He learnt by trial and error, making mistakes and correcting them. With admirable courage, he does not hide his mistakes but details them for the benefit of others. This unique approach has created a brilliantly useful and very readable book that really will help you if you want to work on your E-type or know more about the workings.

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