Wenol Metal Polish / Wenol Ultra Soft Metal Polish 100Ml Tube (Made In Germany)


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Red Tube fine cut info:

Developed in Germany and a mainstay in kitchens, garages and restoration workshops for more than 30 years, Wenol Polish cleans and shines uncoated metal gently and with a minimum of elbow grease.

This Wenol Metal Polish Shiner with Surface Protection is going to take you a very long way. Wenol does a great job at polishing and preserving any blank metal that you may have. Wenol polish will make sure that your brass, silver, copper, chrome, aluminum are all in the best polished state it can be. This polish is capable of handling almost any job that most other polishes don't even come close to accomplishing. The polish/cleaner for tarnished surfaces. A non-abrasive polish - a chemical process to get that mirror-like finish.

Unsurpassed for Chrome, Aluminum, Silver, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Nickel, Tin and Pewter. A popular polish used in commercial and domestic kitchens alike. Restore your stainless and all cookware surfaces. Wenol safely cleans all metals and restores all to a brilliant finish.

Use in small dabs working on small areas at a time, removing tarnish, rust and oxidation. Then polish to leave a protective and water resistant coating.

Blue Tube Ultra Soft Info:

Wenol Blue Auto Metal Polish is an ultra soft metal car polish for plated metals, such as chrome, gold plate and painted metals. With less bite than Wenol Red, Wenol Blue gently cleans coated metals and leaves a lustrous shine.

Wenol Blue is the only choice for chrome trim and wheels on your car or chrome pipes and forks on your motorcycle. In fact, they call it the Auto & Motorcycle Polish. This soft polish is safe on chrome, stainless steel, and aluminum the most common metals found on cars, trucks, SUVs and motorcycles.

Wenol Blue contains chemical cleaners that remove stains, insects and tarnish from metal without attacking the metal itself. Once you buff away the polish, the metal will be coated with a clear layer of protection against moisture and corrosion. This coating enhances the brilliant shine and protects it for weeks!

Wenol has been awarded Manufacturer of the Year from the prestigious International Show Car Association, Pacific Division. It is a staple on the car show circuit for its ease of use and remarkable results.

On vehicles, use Wenol Blue to polish chrome trim, bumpers, wheels, brush guards, and more! Even gold-plated trim will shine like new after using Wenol.

On motorcycles, polish chrome exhaust pipes, forks, engine casings, handlebars, and any other metal surface. If your bike has sharp gold-plated pipes, polish away those boot scuff marks without fear of removing the plating.

Around the house, use Wenol Blue to polish silver, chrome, and brass items. The soft polish is gentle yet effective on any delicate metal or metal plating.

Apply Wenol Blue with a soft cloth and rub briskly, not hard. Buff with a clean, dry cloth. Always polish cool metal to avoid spotting. Wenol will leave a bright shine and a layer of crystal clear protection!

AUTO WENOL IS THE FIRST EVER TRUE "SHOW QUALITY" METAL POLISH. Today's expensive custom wheels and equipment, and the steadily increasing value of classic, custom, and specialty vehicles has created the demand for a softer, safe polishing product. ULTRA-SOFT Auto Wenol is meeting that demand.Important: Auto Wenol is not intended to deep clean metals, but is a gentle, true "Show Quality" metal care product. For deep cleaning and stain removal - use original formula Wenol Metal Polish in the red tube.New Auto Wenol's gentle formula takes the worry out of caring for wheels, trim, and equipment - and delivers a brilliance you don't expect from a metal polish. Use Auto Wenol sparingly (a single 100 ml tube can polish as many as 50 wheels). Apply with a SOFT polishing cloth (well worn sweatshirt material is recommended). Rub Auto Wenol into the metal GENTLY, then buff the clean surface to achieve a show quality shine. Auto Wenol provides a protective coating to ensure a lasting brilliance.Helpful Hint: When polishing highly detailed areas, apply Auto Wenol with a slightly dampened (not wet) cloth. This simple step will eliminate the black residue that is common with metal polishing, and will make clean-up and final buffing a snap.For Best Results: Clean metals first with Original Formula Wenol Metal Polish (in the red tube), then Polish to a true "Show Quality" shine with Ultra-Soft Auto Wenol. Made in Germany.

Additional Info

Additional Info

Brand Wenol
Condition NEW
Dimensions per tube 8" L x 4" W x 4" H
Manufactured In Germany


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