About MidlifeClassicCars.com

Did you know that more Austin Healeys are sold in the US than Europe, and some people from Europe even buy them in the US and ship them home? The folks at midlifeclassiccars.com know a thing or two about Classic Cars. They love all cars, but classic cars are their thing, including American, British and other European vintage cars.

Chad Byrum has a passion for cars. He’s a confirmed car nut. He inherited his love of the automobile from his father, Cliff, who started the family business, and his mother Debbie, who is also a major car enthusiast and still involved in the company.

A month before Chad’s 16th birthday, Cliff bought an Austin Healey 3000 and told his son that if he could replace the engine and get it working, the car was his. One month later, on his 16th birthday, Chad drove the car out of the workshop. Chad’s first experience now drives the midlifeclassiccars.com mission, which is to get people around the world into cool cars.

Here’s Chad:

‘Being a car person doesn't have to cost the earth. The life skills we pick up as young people working on cars are skills that transfer into many other areas of our lives as adults. Getting men and women into mechanics, and into vintage car restoration and care, is what gets us excited.’

midlifeclassiccars used to attend around 30 car shows a year before the Internet, and is an early adopter of the web and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, where they focus on affordable items and great customer service. As you can imagine, the company takes great pride in its products, and great care to make sure the items arrive in perfect shape. All items are shipped in the protection of custom-made cardboard packaging, sourced environmentally and made from recycled newspapers.

When Chad’s not selling stuff about cars, he’s buying them, fixing them up, working on them and driving them. You’ll also see Chad at car shows, swap meets, automobile get togethers, and vintage car races.

Like we said, the folks at midclifeclassiccars.com know a thing or two about Classic Cars. Go on, ask them any question you like Sales@MidlifeClassicCars.com or arrange to meet them at a car show by clicking HERE